Nikolai Bell || Bisexual || M!A:None || FC: Ellington Ratliff
Kyle Evans || Demisexual || M!A:None || FC: Riker Lynch
Gabrielle Jeffrey || Straight || M!A: None || FC: Danneel Harris
Alexander Tanning || Gay || M!A:None || FC: Ross Lynch
Jay Melton || Asexual || M!A: None || FC: Rydel Lynch
Olivia/Oliver Watson || Pansexual || M!A: None || FC: Vanessa Marano/Rocky Lynch

I track: thieveslovewaterwars.

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Marvel Side RP - lovesascaryplace
Lily Luna Blog - redlilyluna
Charlotte Jane Side - mentalistdaugter
Punk OC's - gunnandsmoke

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Accepting M!A's
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