Sunny Drunken Wars. Stealing Watery Love.
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You might be crazy, but baby I'm falling for you
Perseus Jackson || 17 || Bisexual || M!A:None || Son of Poseidon || FC: Logan Lerman

Luke Castellan || 24 || Bisexual || M!A: None || Son of Hermes || FC: Jake Abel

Gabrielle Jeffrey || 26 || Straight || M!A: None || Daughter of Aphrodite || FC: Danneel Harris

Alexander Tanning || 18 || Gay || M!A:None || Son of Ares || FC: Ross Lynch

Jay Melton || 20 || No set Sexuality || M!A: None || Daughter of Dionysus || FC: Rydel Lynch

Olivia/Oliver Watson || 15 || Pansexual || M!A:None || Child of Apollo || FC: Vanessa Marano/Rocky Lynch

Main Timeline: Post Last Olympian - Pre Lost Hero

I track: thieveslovewaterwars.

AUBlog. Multi Verse. Multi Ship. Please Read the Please Read for more information on HOW this is AU to the books.

Marvel Side RP

Note: When sending in an ask for the Muses can you please state which one, especially if we haven't RP'd before. Please. When sending Memes, or M!A's please can you state the Muses as to who it's for. The only exception to this are if we've RP'd a few times with the same muses interacting.

Accepting M!A's

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